Monday 27th of June 2016

Gymanstics - The Band

Gymnastics (a.k.a. Laka Gimnastika) is a power-noise trio consisting of drum, bass and vocals.

The band is originally from a town called Ruma, in northern Serbian region of Vojovodina.

Since several years ago, the band members are dispersed all over Europe: Spain, Checz Republic and Serbia.

In 2011 we recorded an album called On the Bull's Side dedicated to all those persons who are glad when the bull wins against the matador.

Of course, the bull is just a metaphor for all of us who are put into an arena to fight for our lives in a battle we never choose to participate in. We are barehanded and they've got weapons.

Those who want the bull to win are those who respect the right to exist.

The right to exist has been systematically denied to the powerless.

Only weak and insecure persons can't tolerate coexistence with someone or something that's other to them, so they need to destroy what they can't understand.

This kind of people are deciding about every important aspect of our lives, and they led this planet and vast majority of it's inhabitants to ruin.

Behind their every sentence about "progress" there's a plan for destruction; behind every plan for "energetic stability" there's an ecological disaster.

Let's not get manipulated, let's see what can be done to end with this tyrannic system of power. Even if it seems a grain of sand in the desert, every action is important.

Take over: now is the time for those who have always been on the bull's side.